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About Volunteerism

​​"If you wait until you can do everything for everybody,
instead of something for somebody, you'll end up not doing nothing for nobody"

Malcolm Bane


We at PETRONITA believe that meaningful difference starts with you and want to provide the platform for anyone contemplating on contributing their time, skills, and energy towards something that doesn't benefit only one's self, friends or family, but also the lives of people beyond one's immediate circle of influence.

If you have great passion and intention to do good things for others, do come and join us by being part of PETRONITA family.

Why volunteer your time with or through PETRONITA?​

  • You can contribute to make a positive difference in someone's life

  • It's a great way to get to know others and increase your social & relationship skills

  • Open up channels for you to gain new skills or practice existing skills in new ways

  • You are able to learn more about complex issues and given opportunity to suggest and implement interventions

How do you volunteer?

Be part of the PETRONITA team

All the PETRONITA activities, events and initiatives that are conducted year round are made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of sub-committee members who form the Welfare, Sports & Recreation, Education, Social as well as Communication committees.

Without them, all would just remain as plans so if you have a knack for organizing, coordinating and generally driving results or would like to test your mettle at it – then we need you!

Sign up as volunteers for specific PETRONITA events or activities

"Many hands make for light work" is an adage that we stand by, especially in areas of community service.

We understand that some may not be able to commit to year round involvement but every little bit helps so if you feel there are specific areas in which you would like to be involved in, as well as we do have our volunteer calls – then this may be the starting point for you to make your bit of difference.

Check out our "Register as a Volunteer" section to see where PETRONITA needs help with. We will updating the section from time to time so if you don't find an activity / event that you can commit your time for now, do come back to check and see the latest volunteer call.​