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PETRONITA Lunch Talk: Sinusitis, Snoring & Nose Cancer - What Do You Need To Know

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When you inhale through your two nostrils, air travels up your nasal passages, moves into the nasal cavity, passes through the trachea and ends in the lungs. Your nose warms, moistens and filters the air before it enters the lungs thanks to the olfactory epithelium (a tissue covered in mucus that lines the nasal cavity). 

The epithelium is also responsible for your ability to smell odors. It contains millions of olfactory receptors that bind with specific odor molecules to help you identify certain smells up to one trillion different odors.

Come and join us and learn on

  1. Sinusitis, snoring and nose cancer from the medical perspective.

  2. The common misconceptions on sinusitis and snoring.

  3. How to correctly clean and care your nose.

 Bonus:  Q&A session with the Surgeon on ENT related areas.


FOC for members | RM 10 for non-members

Note: Lunch is not provided but you are welcome to bring your own lunch