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Ramadhan with Raudhatus Sakinah Girls

Petronita welfare activities with Raudhatus Sakinah kicked off on 10 June with our first session with the 32 young ladies. On that beautiful Saturday morning, we conducted an arts and craft class where 5 Petronita volunteers guided the girls to stitch embellishments onto scarfs. The ladies were excited and showed off their creativity in the various designs created on each scarf. To end the 3 hour activity, the ladies were asked to put on their scarf and model their individual design, with the best 3 chosen as winners. Tokens sponsored by one of the Petronita volunteers were given out as prizes which definitely made their competitive streaks come out.


Earlier this year, Petronita has identified Raudhatus Sakinah as a welfare home that we plan to conduct a series of activities with. Aimed at creating a sustainable and more lasting impact in the welfare work that Petronita does, Petronita aspires to conduct such programs yearly, and for this year, it is with Raudhatus Sakinah which is a female adolescents guidance sanctuary for the care and rehabilitation of girls aged 13 to 25. It was established in1998 and is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO). It is registered with the Social Welfare Department and registered under Childs Care Act 1993, Section 10. Besides their Kundang facility, Raudhatus Sakinah has 2 other facilities in Penang and Malacca. It aims at providing proper care and shelter, counseling and moral education/educational classes for those sitting for major exams, provide life and social skills in collaboration with government agencies, corporate sectors and public/community in aiding the adolescents to return to the society.


For the next 5 months, Petronita plans to conduct a program for their Kundang, Kuang facility which includes cooking classes, Raya celebration, arts & craft class, motivational/health talks as well as cleaning/painting work for the facilities in hopes that this program will help to prepare these adolescents for their new life.