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Cooking up a Storm at Raudhatus Sakinah

On Saturday, 22 Jul 2017 saw several PETRONITA volunteers cooking up a storm at Raudhatus Sakinah, a Youth Protection & Counseling House (RS). The event is the second of five series programme organised by PETRONITA Welfare Committee with the objective of providing life lessons to the residents as preparation for the life after RS.

The day began with grouping the residents into 3 teams; Roti Jala Station, Cupcake Station and Pizza & Burger Station lead by Pn. Rahimah Shahabudin, Pn. Wan Nor Saidatullaili Wan Hashim and Pn. Wan Marlini respectively.  Things quickly progressed as soon as the residents were given instructions to handle and prepare the ingredients for each of the main dishes. Roti Jala team split themselves into two smaller groups; one team to make the roti jala and the other to make the chicken curry.


The Pizza and Burger team were pleasantly surprised in making mini burgers using healthier options. The team made avocado spread to replace the usual butter for the burger buns, grilled quail eggs in place of fried eggs and fresh tomatoes and lettuces. The Cupcake team started with weighing and measuring the ingredients to make two batches of vanilla cupcakes. Once the batter was placed in the oven, the group made berry compote using fresh strawberries and raspberries. When it came to decorating the cupcakes, the team was more than happy to showcase their creativity. Using colourful sprinkles, whipped cream and fresh berries, the team practiced their skills at making edible art.


At the end of the day, the excitement and enthusiasm shown by the residents in cooking together with the volunteers was a heartwarming experience to see. Puan Nureen, Headmistress of RS remarked how important it is for the young women to continue improving themselves by applying themselves in practicable activities and to never give up. The girls also shared their experience and learnings during the cooking lessons, many enjoyed the activity and learning new recipes.

RS has been in operation since August 1998 and continue to help society deal with social symptoms especially among teenage girls. RS has been officially registered under the Career Act 1993 with the Social Welfare Department.

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Article written by Shahirah Abdol Raman