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Baking Class For PETRONITA Committee

PETRONITA, through its Welfare Committee and in collaboration with Briged Bakti Malaysia, organized a baking class for PETRONITA committee on 23rd February 2019. The baking class was conducted by Bridged Bakti Malaysia in appreciation to PETRONITA and as a way to showcase their progress on the Entrepreneur program developed by PETRONITA. The purchase of industry-standard equipment was made in May 2018,  and PETRONITA was able to add value to BBMWP’s ongoing baking classes and business which benefit the underprivileged (asnaf) and single mothers. 

We learned from involved singled mothers who are already successful in their baking business how PETRONITA donation on industry-standard equipment have helped them grow their business.

During the class, the trainers from Bridged Bakti demonstrated how to make dough for 5 types of bread. The class was a hands-on session where all the participants had the opportunity to weigh, mix, shape and bake the breads. It was a new experience for some of the participants. Puan Azmah, Puan Lita and Puan Izma really enjoyed the baking session and the networking activity during the class. 20190223_173845.jpg

1.1 Baking class with PETRONITA committee.


1.2 Types of bread that we learn.