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PETRONITA is the association for wives and female staff of PETRONAS and is one of the sanctioned clubs for PETRONAS

Our Obje​​ctive

To unite and foster closer relationship among the employees' spouses and female employees of PETRONAS

Our Manifesto

  • Knowledge Gathering, Experience Sharing
    ​​​​​​​Promoting a culture of learning among members and the public in general.

  • Reaching Out, Growing Collectively
    Cultivating a caring culture to make a positive difference in the lives of others through charitable activities.

  • ​​Supporting Each Other
    Providing an avenue for female staff and spouses to come together in assisting each another, spurring networking and solidarity.

  • Promoting a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
    Augmenting good health habits to achieve improved work life balance.

  • Meaningful Difference Begins with Me
    Inculcating commitment towards proactive participation and volunteerism among members and their families alike.​



​The design of the logo of the Association is inspired by the orchid design, which symbolizes the glory and beauty of a woman. It also symbolizes the hopes and aspirations of the members of PETRONITA in contributing to the advancement of women in the country.

The five petals symbolizes the Pillars of the country in which the members hold by. Droplet of green in the middle of the petals show that as a component of PETRONAS, the activities of PETRONITA are inline with the aspirations of PETRONAS.

In the backdrop of green, below the five petals of the flower there is a horizontal line. Under this line reads "PETRONITA".